Our clients know us as their advisers for customized solutions in holistic management consulting.

We define and agree the individual goals of a consulting project (Personnel Consulting, Management Audit and Coaching) together with our clients.

We specialize in searching for and assessing executive personnel in Europe across all industry sectors.

Each of our consultants specializes in particular market segments. Our consultants have current and expert knowledge of the structures and special aspects in their key areas.

Each personnel consulting project is based on specifying the enterprise’s situation and creating the position profile.

We deploy our own research team to search for the candidates systematically: Another calling card for quality, speed and market understanding.

After the identification phase, our consultants hold discussions in which the suitability and competence of potential candidates are evaluated.

At the next step we, the professionals, conduct structured interviews with the candidates to assess their specialist and personal suitability with regard to the project goals.

We continue to accompany and advise our clients and candidates during the entire phase from the actual hiring of the candidate through to his/her integration.